Bathroom Designs and Fixtures That Free-up Space

If you want to free up more space for your bathroom, you have to carefully pick the right accessories and fixtures.  Here are simple and easy tricks that can help you.

Bathroom sink

Choose a corner sink instead of pedestal type sink.  Corner sinks are good space savers and won’t create traffic.  Also, position the sink across the toilet bowl rather than across the shower area.   Doing so makes it easier for someone using the shower area to swing the shower door and to move about.

Apart from a corner sink, you can also opt for a trough-type sink.  It is usually slim and thus offers space saving solutions.  To further free up some space (either for traffic or storage), this type can also be mounted onto a wall

Shower area

Cover the shower area with a bathroom curtain instead of a glass door.  Almost all shower curtains in the market are made of materials that are easy to clean.  But most important is that it doesn’t take much space and provides more elbow room.   There are shower and tubs that are sold together.  They are specially designed to fit small bathrooms.  These tubs can measure only five feet in length but are proven functional just the same.


Mount your vanity on the wall.  Aside from creating a neat look, you can use the extra storage below it for toiletries and other bathroom items.  Also, consider buying rounded or curved designs to avoid cuts from pointed edges.  Round vanities go well even on rectangular or square spaces.

When choosing a vanity, get one that has a single shelf.   This can still accommodate a container of rolled-up towels or a small basket of toiletries.


Why not extend the length of your counter to include the top of your toilet.  A wooden or stone counter will work best for this design.  Moreover, it will give you extra space atop your toilet for toiletries.  This look also exudes some kind of minimalism


To create an illusion of a large space, always use design patterns that are large and bold.  Thick stripes can give an illusion of wider breadth although, in reality, your bathroom hasn’t changed a bit in actual size.


Add more mirrors and choose bigger ones.  In a very tiny bathroom, installing a mirror that covers almost an entire wall can make it appear huge.  Moreover, two people can view themselves at once hence, minimize the need to take turns.  Remember that in cramped places, every inch of free space matters.

Door mounts

Towel bars can be attached to the back of the bathroom door.  Also, installing additional bars near the shower area is very convenient and a space saver.  Storage for extra towels can be mounted above the toilet area.

There are countless designs and accessories that will help maximize bathroom space.  It is now all up to you to choose which ones you think will open up more space.