Picking the Right Flooring for your Bathroom

bathroom floor

You spend quite a bit of time in your bathroom. As a matter of fact, a lot of people utilize their bathrooms at least 1 hour on a daily basis. If you are thinking an hour is not really that much, think about that it really adds up to six percent of the time you are awake and as much as 15 percent of the time you are home. So, it really makes sense to look for amazing and functional bathroom flooring, like the IB flooring. There are many types of bathroom flooring out there, each comes in various styles which are lots of amazing choices.

Tile is one of the most popular bathroom flowing. Tile is very durable as well as attractive and will not often crack. Since, you can get tile made with stone, ceramic, or composite material, you can choose from a wide selection of surfaces and styles. Concrete floors are an option which is becoming popular, since they could be etched and colored to create stylish and beautiful designs. Certainly, no bathroom flooring option is perfect and tile does have negative features.

Tile floors should be setup on a totally level surface without any holes or lumps. When they are setup on uneven surfaces, the tile might crack from taking the full weight of that foot traffic on places which are not level. What is more, most designs are grouted between tiles and there’s lots of work involved in cleaning the grouted parts.  But, in spite of these drawbacks, tile is tough and lovely choice. A lot of homeowners in the past choose vinyl flooring for their bathroom. In spite of the fact that few of the options were attractive, vinyl was reasonable, and relatively easy to setup. Luckily, these days vinyl sheet as well as tile flooring is more stylish. As a matter of fact, at first look lots of designs look like costly, stunning stone flooring.

This makes vinyl a remarkable option for many homeowners with low budget, however what to experience the amazing benefits of a tile floor. Vinyl could handle spills as well as wet feet without any issue and it’s extremely tough. Cleaning is also stress free. Even better, this could be torn by sharp objects. Years ago, choosing bathroom flooring was not much of a challenge, since hardwoods were the only accessible type a lot of people can pay for. While hardwood lost popularity when newer options became accessible, hardwoods once more are a popular option.

For people who love hardwoods without the expensive price tag, the laminate flooring is the best choice. These are intended to resemble marble, wood or slate, however really made with a layer of clear resin over layer of paper which looks like the genuine thing. Laminate is extremely durable, low maintenance option.  It can be made to look like nearly any flooring option and are an amazing choice for your bathroom, since they can be custom cut. If you are searching for the best bathroom flooring, then why not consider IB flooring. IB flooring will provide you with amazing bathroom flooring without breaking your wallet.

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Clean Bathroom

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Bathroom Designs and Fixtures That Free-up Space

If you want to free up more space for your bathroom, you have to carefully pick the right accessories and fixtures.  Here are simple and easy tricks that can help you.

Bathroom sink

Choose a corner sink instead of pedestal type sink.  Corner sinks are good space savers and won’t create traffic.  Also, position the sink across the toilet bowl rather than across the shower area.   Doing so makes it easier for someone using the shower area to swing the shower door and to move about.

Apart from a corner sink, you can also opt for a trough-type sink.  It is usually slim and thus offers space saving solutions.  To further free up some space (either for traffic or storage), this type can also be mounted onto a wall

Shower area

Cover the shower area with a bathroom curtain instead of a glass door.  Almost all shower curtains in the market are made of materials that are easy to clean.  But most important is that it doesn’t take much space and provides more elbow room.   There are shower and tubs that are sold together.  They are specially designed to fit small bathrooms.  These tubs can measure only five feet in length but are proven functional just the same.


Mount your vanity on the wall.  Aside from creating a neat look, you can use the extra storage below it for toiletries and other bathroom items.  Also, consider buying rounded or curved designs to avoid cuts from pointed edges.  Round vanities go well even on rectangular or square spaces.

When choosing a vanity, get one that has a single shelf.   This can still accommodate a container of rolled-up towels or a small basket of toiletries.


Why not extend the length of your counter to include the top of your toilet.  A wooden or stone counter will work best for this design.  Moreover, it will give you extra space atop your toilet for toiletries.  This look also exudes some kind of minimalism


To create an illusion of a large space, always use design patterns that are large and bold.  Thick stripes can give an illusion of wider breadth although, in reality, your bathroom hasn’t changed a bit in actual size.


Add more mirrors and choose bigger ones.  In a very tiny bathroom, installing a mirror that covers almost an entire wall can make it appear huge.  Moreover, two people can view themselves at once hence, minimize the need to take turns.  Remember that in cramped places, every inch of free space matters.

Door mounts

Towel bars can be attached to the back of the bathroom door.  Also, installing additional bars near the shower area is very convenient and a space saver.  Storage for extra towels can be mounted above the toilet area.

There are countless designs and accessories that will help maximize bathroom space.  It is now all up to you to choose which ones you think will open up more space.


Smart Tips About Bathroom Remodelling

Remodeling a small bathroom is a big undertaking thus, one smart move before even starting it is to get advice from the pros.  Below is a summary of tips from contractors and designers about bathroom remodeling.

Choose the right bathroom tiles

Choose glazed tiles if you hate cleaning bathroom tiles round the clock.  Porcelain tiles are also easy to maintain.  Avoid tiles that are porous as they stain easily and readily absorb spills.  If you’re more concerned with safety, select textured or matte-finished tiles but if you can’t forego glazed tiles, choose smaller tiles.  These will provide more grip because they bear more grooves for grout.

Think space when choosing a sink

There are so many varieties of bathroom sinks but you have to decide which style will work best for you and your family.

A pedestal type sink is best suited for powder rooms because of its slim contour.  While it looks very sleek and modern, you won’t get any extra storage space at the bottom of the sink.

Meanwhile, a vessel type sink is designed to sit on a bathroom counter.  As opposed to the pedestal sink, this provides ample space for cabinets below it.  The only downside is that it occupies a lot of counter space and may require frequent cleaning especially on the spot underneath where the counter and sink join.

There are also sinks that come with a vanity.  This offers more utility than the two types discussed however, it will take much space.  Consider allotting some clearance that’s enough to open cabinets or drawers.

Choose low maintenance countertops

Countertops made of natural stone are mostly used for upscale bathrooms.  Polished granite counters are low maintenance because they aren’t easily stained and are scratch resistant.  Be careful though because there are granite types that are more porous.  These types absorb water and oil.  Any spills, if not cleaned properly will create marks that may be difficult to remove.

Counters made of resin is also a good choice.  Whether you purchase straight resin or cultured marble, these come in long slabs and with a range of colors to choose from.  You don’t need sealants for these.

The downside is that it isn’t the high-end type, unlike granite slabs.

Of course, when you have budget constraints, laminated countertops can be an option.  While it won’t look upscale, it is also resistant to spills and scratches and can be bought in almost all home depots.  It can fit almost any design because of the come in a wide range of textures, colors, and finishes.  Like almost all laminates, they have a tendency to peel off due to wear and tear.  Also, you can’t fit an under mount sink on a prefab laminated slab.

Remodeling a bathroom is a serious undertaking that requires a well thought out plan.  Taking the advice of experts in bathroom installation and fixtures somehow makes decision making about which type of fixture to use an easier and stress-free activity.


Three Worthy Reasons To Remodel Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important features of any home.

Here are some of the compelling reasons why you should do a bathroom makeover:

Boosts the value of your home

A survey among bathroom installers in the UK reveals that remodeling a bathroom (including installation and furniture) starts at around £3200.  While this can be expensive at the onset, the long-term benefit outweighs your initial cash outlay.  This is because remodeling a bathroom will definitely add value to your entire home.  This is especially true if you intend to sell your home in the future.  Let’s face it, potential homebuyers are easily impressed with a handsome looking toilet and bath.  A nice home with a beautiful bathroom sells much faster in the market. Even if you are not keen on selling your home in the near future, the perks alone of using a new one is an idea that appeals to any member of the household.

Presents opportunity to add safety features

Sometimes, remodeling isn’t only for aesthetic purposes.  There are times when you have to remodel because you want your family to be safe while in the bath.  Household members who are prone to slips and accidents include very young children and the elderly.  Remodeling is the best time to incorporate safety features or to repair fixtures to avoid further injury.  Broken floor tiles, leaking pipes, or broken cabinet hinges – these are the common flaws that need immediate attention.  Accidents aren’t the only ones you are avoiding if you remodel.  You will also arrest the spread of bacteria or fungi when you have fixed a leaking pipe.  Molds and mildew can trigger allergy, skin rashes, and for some, asthma.

Maximizes efficiency

You might think that remodeling a bathroom will be too costly especially if you have a limited budget.  It is better to spend now on repairs and remodeling as there are savings you get out of it.  For instance, there are now new toilet models that use less water to carry out its function.  Some new models use about 55% less water so imagine the savings you get from having to pay lower utility bills.

A beautiful yet safe and efficient bathroom is a boon to every household.  Make sure to make these a priority when remodeling your own.