Picking the Right Flooring for your Bathroom

bathroom floor

You spend quite a bit of time in your bathroom. As a matter of fact, a lot of people utilize their bathrooms at least 1 hour on a daily basis. If you are thinking an hour is not really that much, think about that it really adds up to six percent of the time you are awake and as much as 15 percent of the time you are home. So, it really makes sense to look for amazing and functional bathroom flooring, like the IB flooring. There are many types of bathroom flooring out there, each comes in various styles which are lots of amazing choices.

Tile is one of the most popular bathroom flowing. Tile is very durable as well as attractive and will not often crack. Since, you can get tile made with stone, ceramic, or composite material, you can choose from a wide selection of surfaces and styles. Concrete floors are an option which is becoming popular, since they could be etched and colored to create stylish and beautiful designs. Certainly, no bathroom flooring option is perfect and tile does have negative features.

Tile floors should be setup on a totally level surface without any holes or lumps. When they are setup on uneven surfaces, the tile might crack from taking the full weight of that foot traffic on places which are not level. What is more, most designs are grouted between tiles and there’s lots of work involved in cleaning the grouted parts.  But, in spite of these drawbacks, tile is tough and lovely choice. A lot of homeowners in the past choose vinyl flooring for their bathroom. In spite of the fact that few of the options were attractive, vinyl was reasonable, and relatively easy to setup. Luckily, these days vinyl sheet as well as tile flooring is more stylish. As a matter of fact, at first look lots of designs look like costly, stunning stone flooring.

This makes vinyl a remarkable option for many homeowners with low budget, however what to experience the amazing benefits of a tile floor. Vinyl could handle spills as well as wet feet without any issue and it’s extremely tough. Cleaning is also stress free. Even better, this could be torn by sharp objects. Years ago, choosing bathroom flooring was not much of a challenge, since hardwoods were the only accessible type a lot of people can pay for. While hardwood lost popularity when newer options became accessible, hardwoods once more are a popular option.

For people who love hardwoods without the expensive price tag, the laminate flooring is the best choice. These are intended to resemble marble, wood or slate, however really made with a layer of clear resin over layer of paper which looks like the genuine thing. Laminate is extremely durable, low maintenance option.  It can be made to look like nearly any flooring option and are an amazing choice for your bathroom, since they can be custom cut. If you are searching for the best bathroom flooring, then why not consider IB flooring. IB flooring will provide you with amazing bathroom flooring without breaking your wallet.